High-end eSIM and SIM operating systems deployable on a wide range of hardware and software configurations.


A range of network softwares for remote management of eSIM and SIM content allowing secure and real time reconfiguration


Supply of our eSIM remote subscription and profile management services from secure data centers certified by the GSMA.

Our Clients

Electronic components makers


Service providers


We offer internally-designed solutions covering all your eSIM requirements

From eSIM operating systems to eSIM remote provisioning and profile management platform, we develop and provide personalized, one-stop and fully GSMA-certified eSIM solutions for mobile operators, service providers and OEMs

Our GSMA eSIM Certifications

GSMA SGP11 related to eSIM product

Compliance with standard SGP 05 (Security in Design)

Global Platform Certification in accordance with SGP11


Our eSIM & SIM Operating Systems

GSMA SGP11 related to Subscription Management

SAS-SM related to Secure Data Processing


Our eSIM Subscription Management Platform to host Remote Provisonning and Profile Management Services for MNOs and MVNOS

Our latest certifications

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eSIM remote provisioning GSMA certification D¨+
Oasis Smart Sim now enables every Mobile Operator and MVNO to provide global connectivity services with fully certified Remote Provisioning Platform
The EOS Subscription Manager successfully passed the Security Accreditation Scheme ensuring industry […]
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