European SME to obtain GSMA-SAS certification
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An expert of eSIM technologies

Oasis Smart Sim Europe develops and provides advanced technologies and personalized services to enable the deployment of eSIM (embedded SIM card) and SIM technologies.

Our value proposition includes a complete set of GSMA-certified services for mobile operators and device makers to enable 4G and 5G connectivity on IoT, M2M and Consumer Devices.

Oasis products and solutions include a range of network softwares for remote management of eSIM and SIM content supplied from GSMA-certified secure data centers, as well as high-end SIM and eSIM Operating Systems deployable on a wide range of hardware and software configurations.

“We aim at providing optimized connections to billions of devices to make easy access of Mobile, IoT & M2M services to the end user, and build a position of first provider of activation and management services & solutions for secure elements in connected devices”

Olivier Leroux, CEO & President at Oasis Smart Sim

At the forefront of secure embedded software, Oasis has been a member of the GSMA since 2011 and was the 7th company in the world to obtain eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) certification by the GSMA. In February 2020, Oasis was the first European SME company to obtain GSMA-SAS certification for its secure remote SIM provisioning service center based in the Paris area. Oasis has also announced the availability of Helios 5G, a SIM product allowing secure connectivity to the 5G network.

Our Management Team

Olivier Leroux

CEO & President

Over 20 years of experience in the smart card and SIM card market

Philippe Geyres

Non Executive Advisor

Over 35 years of experience in telecommunications industry

Alice Grand-Chavin

CFO & General Secretarry

Over 20 years of experience in growth management and finance

Patrick Cao


Over 25 years of experience in telecommunications industry

Jean-Christophe Vinatier

Embedded R&D Director

Over 10 years of experience in smart card products

Maxime Chevry

Solutions & Services Director

Over 10 years of experience in product management