Senior Software Engineer

Location: Aix-en-Provence

Company description

Oasis’ core business is to provide eSIM Operating Systems and Subscription Management solutions to OEM, Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators worldwide. Proposing a leading-edge technology and strongly dedicated to address the new generation of eSIM requirements with innovation mind, Oasis’ vision is to be a major provider of embedded SIM OS and activation solutions for secure elements in connected devices.

Due to the company growth, we are recruiting a Senior Java Software Developer based in Aix-En-Provence (FR). 

Position overview

The main tasks for this position will be to lead a team of 3 on-site Java developers, to be the lead developer on a business critical SpringBoot/Angular project and to supervise third party developers assigned to other company projects (quality assurance, best practice compliance).

Job type: Full time, permanent.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead a team of developers

  • Assigning projects and tasks

  • Training plan for the team

  • Updating and training of company development guidelines

  • Quality review

  • Supervise third party developers assigned to other company projects.

  • Write and review functional specifications and technical design for upgrades and introduction of new features in current applications.

  • Software development (Angular front end, Spring boot back end)

  • Software validation (unit testing, functional testing, system testing, integration testing).


  • J2SE, J2EE, EJB, Java Servlet Technology, JSP, JSF

  • SpringBoot

  • Angular

  • SQL, PSQL, relational database and JDBC

  • Linux/Unix, Windows platform

  • Apache Tomcat

  • Knowledge of the native nCipher HSM nCore API is an advantage

  • Good level of English


  • 5-10 years of professional experience in software development


• A state-of-the art technological environment, within a highly international working environment that allows you to work with clients and partners from around the globe.
• A company that is experiencing high levels of growth and a subsidiary of a large group, providing employees opportunities to change positions and/or geographical locations (Singapore, India, Paris region etc.)
• Public benefits related to food and health insurance (Ticket Restaurant, mutuelle)
• Part-time remote working possibilities

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