Top Challenges holding back eUICC from mass adoption

eSIM growth is unstoppable, ABI research predicts there will be an estimated 420 million eSIM - equipped devices by 2020. With increasing demand for eSIM comes the challenge of providing the enabling technology and infrastructure. That's where most IoT service providers and OEM's are finding their hands are tied.

This report highlight the opportunity eSIM offers and at the same time the challenges faced by the OEM's and IoT service providers that are holding them back from leveraging this opportunity fully and taking mobile customer experiences to the next level.

  • Understand the reality of interoperability - does eSIM eliminate vendor lock-in completely and how?
  • How to reach a point of seamless connectivity, why it needs a high investment to ensure quality of coverage at a competitive costs.
  • Profile testing poses a big challenge as the process for configuring a profile differs for each service provider.

Top Challenges holding back eUICC from mass adoption

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