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On the 6th of April, Our CEO Olivier Leroux took part in the MUST Online Connected Car Exhibition, discussing insights and novelties around the digital transformation of the automotive sector.

Discover our key takeaways from the event:

The disruption of automotive sector

Connected cars and electric vehicles are the way of the future with various governments declaring their target to completely adopt an electric transportation strategy.  Global sales of electric cars accelerated fast in 2020, rising by 43% to more than 3 million, despite overall car sales slumping by a fifth during the coronavirus pandemic. The growth in the sector is also fuelled by the evolving ecosystem where new start-ups are innovating to bring to market new solutions.

Connected cars
Source: CB Insights

These new solutions are not just for improving infrastructure but also providing a better, connected car experience for the customers. The traditional car market is being disrupted by solution providers offering in-car embedded apps, technology for remote connectivity, better battery management and usage and innovation in product design.

Autonomous driving and 5G: where are we?

One of the major disruptions in the automotive industry will be caused by the successful launch of autonomous connected cars. There are various autonomous cars on the road today however the usage is believed to be in its infancy.  Analysts envision that 5G will have a major role to play in taking the usage of autonomous cars to the next level by offering new applications and enabling the exchange of data between connected devices quickly. 5G will be enabled of a truly interconnected, intelligent road transport system which is critical to ensure the safety and adoption of autonomous cars.

Today we are at “level 3” of “conditional vehicle autonomy” (according to the GSMA intelligence data released in the latest connected car event) where the car can take some decisions based on limited data and connectivity. Automated systems reach their limits when unexpected or unknown situations occur.

eSIM Connected cars
Source: GSMA Intelligence

eSIM for automotive industry leads the way

Source: GSMA Intelligence

The GSMA intelligence report brings to light the fact that the automotive industry is leading the way in Iot deployments and the use of the embedded sim to deliver the fully connected car experience. 45% of the automotive providers surveyed, see eSIM as very critical factor for their success. Automotive companies such as AUDI, BMW, GM, Hyundai, KIA, Land Rover and Mercedes are already leading the way with eSim and IoT usage in their vehicles.

From a connected vehicle’s birth in the factory to the warehouses, dealer and then consumer, eSIM allows for a mobile, steady, compliant, high performant local connection, and most important, seamless. It’s important to understand that an ideal connectivity ecosystem that works for OEMs can only be created if service providers, OEM’s and SIM players in the ecosystem work together. Indeed, the promise of eSIM for automotive is enormous, however, it does come with complexities. This includes having to manage, orchestrate and harmonize different eSIM and connectivity management platforms, as well as ensuring these systems are interoperable. Simplifying these must be a key consideration to any CSP’s IoT strategy. 

That is where Oasis Smart Sim can help by providing a robust eSIM orchestration hub for IoT platforms. Today, as the provider of eSIM connectivity & management support for one of the world’s leading CSP, we’ve developed best-in-class processes allowing our partners to reap the benefits of our certified technology platform providing the full orchestration of these workflows and the underlying RSP infrastructure. Working hand in hands early on with OEMs’ to guide them in their connectivity strategy is also key to creating a working ecosystem between all actors.

Contact us today to learn more about how our eSIM Orchestration hub can enable you to reap the benefits of eSIM without the complexity.



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