The power of in-app eSIM provisisioning, eKYC all in one app enables customer onboarding in less than 2 minutes.


With a self-care app, empower your customers with more transparency over their plan, finance or self-care options – in a convenient way. 


With fully customizable-interfaces & analytics, reach your costumers with relevant and personalized offers and personalize their interfaces.


Utilise the power of AI to fight fraud, improve product and predict churn ,  targeting  an offer at the right moment to convert more users.

In App eSIM activation

eSIM can remove the last barrier to customer churn – if made easy for them.

Many operators have reported to have a surge of calls to their customer care centers due to the complexity of eSIM onboarding.

In-app eSIM activation is the solution, as it removes the friction of QR-code download or out-of-the-app profile enablement. Your customers finally have the enhanced user experience, increased satisfaction and instant activation they expect from eSIM.  

A more detailed look at the solution

A fully customisable architecture bridging the gap between network & IT

With MConnect’s modular design, create differentiated propositions without heavy systems integrations thanks to API-based integration.

The modular architecture of M-Connect also allows you to deploy your own products and services , or integrate to 3rd party VAS providers quickly and with minimal cost.

DP+ Services 

The Set-Up of your own eSIM-as-a-Service ready environment with no Capex and a minimum installation fee, as well as the full operation (hosting, surveillance, maintenance) of your eSIM SM environment in one of OASIS GSMA Certified Data Center

Profile packages

The creation of your eSIM ready profile package available for download and activation of every eSIM compliant devices.

Fully customizable Digital Interfaces

The digital interfaces were engineered to support multi-brand and mutli tenant operations

User-Centered Design

A Great Attention is paid to the user experience and the usablity of the digital interfaces. The user journeys are intuitive and optimised to guarantee the highest success rate in onboarding customers and upselling products & services

eSIM in-app provisioning

Deliver a truly digital and seamless experience to your customers by onboarding them to your service via in-app provisioning


One critical step in onboarding a customer with a photo and a selfie is in-app ID and facial-biometric technology. With an integrated e-KYC, customer onboarding processes take 2 minutes for an eSIM-enabled device

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM tool empowers your teams to operate and manage the service and all its underlying components through one interface

Data Analytics

By integrating to Machne Learning Engines, the solution enables endless opprtunities to utilise the power of AI (eg: churn perdiction, fraud prevention, product improvements)

Modular Architecture

By separating integration APIs  from Processing APIs, we are able to deliver a truly modular Orchetration layer. It eliminates any impact on the overall architecture when swapping, decomissioning or adding new components to the network.

Cloud Native Solution

Remove all overhead of redundancy and capacity management, minimising the operating cost by making sure we are only using the resources we need.

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