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Oasis Smart SIM Login ID

Oasis Smart SIM signs a collaboration agreement with LoginID®, to integrate FIDO certified Strong Authentication biometric solutions to eSIM activation and provisioning

The integration will help simplify user experience for eSIMs and reduce onboarding friction, providing industry leading security. Paris and Toronto, ...
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Challenges of eSIM adoption

Challenges for eSIM adoption and M2M

SIM growth is unstoppable, ABI research predicts there will be an estimated 420 million eSIM - equipped devices by 2020 ...
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Oasis Smart SIM annonce son partenariat avec ARIADNEXT

Oasis Smart SIM, annonce officiellement son partenariat avec ARIADNEXT, entreprise européenne d’origine rennaise, spécialisée dans la vérification d’identité à distance ...
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FAQ eSIM, Telco’s digital transformation with eSIM & onboarding

Last month, we hosted a webinar alongside ARIADNEXT and Mobilise, discussing the three major mistakes Telcos make when digitalizing customer ...
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Customer journey & eSIM: Why MNO & MVNOs’ must weave eSIM into their CX

This article discusses some topics that will be adresses in our webinar on November 10th, Telco's Digital Transformation with eSIM: ...
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eSIM devices

eSIM: What are the current devices that support the technology? (September 2021)

The eSIM devices industry is growing rapidly, prompting leading smartphone brands to adopt the concept. The excitement of end users ...
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