cloud eSIM IoT

Velios announced: world’s 1st cloud eSIM for IoT

Oasis Smart Sim is proud to announce proof-of-concept for Velios-As-A-Service, the world’s first cloud-based embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) for ...
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eSIM remote provisioning GSMA certification D¨+

Oasis Smart Sim extends its certification for SAS-SM to SM-DP+ in compliance with GSMA standards, ready to offer eSIM connectivity solutions in the Consumer Space.

Oasis Smart Sim now enables every Mobile Operator and Virtual Mobile Operator to provide global connectivity services and offers to ...
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Oasis receives SAS-SM certification for its eSIM Subscription Manager EOS

The EOS Subscription Manager successfully passed the Security Accreditation Scheme ensuring industry confidence in the security of remote provisioning for ...
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IoT cloud connectivity

How can embedded SIM technology help you boost IoT cloud connectivity?

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting businesses across the globe, one key change that has happened is the ...
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Subscription Management for Consumer Devices

Remote SIM provisioning: what is the GSMA specification? The process of replacing traditional SIMs has already begun. Wearables were the ...
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How to Transform IoT with eSIM Technology Services

The twin technology forces of eSIM and IoT are jointly creating the potential for massive new opportunities for MNOs. Concurrently, ...
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