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Oasis presents a product innovation : The One Force

One force is a new smart concept following Oasis' trend to think differently about the SIM card. One force is ...
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Oasis Smart SIM chosen by Babilon Mobile for 3G cards delivery

Babilon Mobile Oasis Smart SIM has been selected to deliver 3G SIM cards to Babilon Mobile, the first mobile network ...
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Oasis smart SIM is a member of the SIMalliance

Oasis smart SIM is proud to announce it is now member of the SIMalliance. The SIMalliance is the global association ...
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How to Transform IoT with eSIM Technology Services

The twin technology forces of eSIM and IoT are jointly creating the potential for massive new opportunities for MNOs. Concurrently, ...
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IoT Security Conference: Register for Oasis joint session with Micron Technology and Tata Communications

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market size stood at USD 250.72 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach ...
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eSIM – Will MNO’s ride the wave or drown?

Analysts believe that eSIM will bring the next big wave of disruption in the telecom sector and mobile operators often ...
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