While eSIM represents a fundamental change to the historical UICC value chain, its value is not limited to connectivity.

Indeed, rather than simply being the authentication mechanism for mobile connectivity, the eSIM is suited for the delivery of connected services thanks to its OTA capability alongside its functionality as a Secure Element.

Enhance the security of IoT communications with IoT Safe

IoT SAFE (Secure Applet For Secure End-to-End Communication) has been developed by the GSMA in conjunction with the broader mobile industry to establish a standardized mechanism for elevated security in IoT applications. IoT SAFE leverages common features found within the eSIM specification; the Secure Element along with a SIM applet; alongside a common API.

Basically, it standardizes the delivery and provisioning of over-the-air (OTA) security certificates directly to the eSIM securely in place in the device, ensuring that the transfer of information from eSIM to cloud can’t be intercepted and modified.

IoT Safe is a great tool as it gives device manufacturers the best chance to mitigate potential attacks, and by using a secure, tamper-resistant hardware element to protect credentials, it reduces the risks associated with spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks when exchanging sensitive data with the IoT service provider’s cloud.

Simplify the mechanism for provisioning and authenticating of large device fleets with IoT Safe

Manufacturers work along SIM manufacturers to embed the security certificates of the devices into the Secure Element during production. This allows to establish a secure channel with the backend service as well as authenticate the device with the appropriate cloud service.

Once again, IoT Safe is an innovate tool for IoT solution privders as authentication with cloud backend services can be a considerable challenge, particularly when several tens of thousands of devices are involved in a IoT deployment. Embedded security certificates can greatly simplify the provisioning of these fleets.

Deliver dynamic services directly from the SIM itself with Applets

On top of OS, eSIM providers can provide a broad portfolio of Java CardTM Applets ready and customizable to support customer’s needs. They are small programs insude the eUICC dedicated to fulfill a particular task. A SIM applet can report diagnostic data about network quality, device status, or even fulfill the tasks of a microcontroller. With the increasing demand for M2M/IoT, the need for IoT-related SIM apps is growing. These capablitiites are not unique to eSIM and can be contained on SIM secure elements.

What are some popular applets?

  • IMEI Lock or Tracking: The SIM card gets locked onto one specific device using its IMEI, or the application send the device IMEI to the server.
  • Diagnostic Applet: remote device troubleshooting by analyzing and capturing the SIM-device communication results.
  • Network Congestion detection: SIM applet can randomly generate a delay after it has had consistent unsuccessful connection tries. The random delay across a fleet of devices will make sure that not all are connecting at once and help solve network congestion.
  • And more: applets can be built depending on the client’s needs.

The importance of working with an expert like Oasis Smart Sim in SIM production & applets.

Developing, updating and maintaining smart card applications is a complex activity requiring strong expertise, a capacity to customize the technology for the specific need of the project and a performant testing environment.

In this domain, Oasis has strong SIM Operating Systems and applets development expertise and can offer a range of applets “off-the-shelf”, as well as customized solution. Our capabilities also extend to managing specific applet on customers’ behalf according to an outsourced application maintenance business model. Moreover, our R&D experience will benefit any customer Willing to develop their own applets with the peace of mind of having the best support and technology.

If looking for an eSIM solution provider able to deliver services that serve your IoT deployments beyond connectivity,get in touch with us today to learn how our eSIM functionalities can benefit your project.



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