Oasis Smart SIM, a global leader in SIM and eSIM technologies, subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, and Svyazcom, a Russian expert in solution deployment in software, messaging, voice, and data, create an alliance to scale up eSIM and OTA technologies globally.
The two actors will partner to design, set-up, and operate OTA and eSIM Provisioning and Management solutions to better address the needs of MNOs, IoT Application Providers, and OEMs and bring them more services.

In our recent interview done with Svyazcom’s CEO, Ivan Zubkov and Olivier Leroux, CEO & Founder of Oasis Smart SIM, both leaders discussed their partnership, eSIM for IoT Service Providers and the future of eSIM for Consumers. Discover some of their insights below:


Svyazcom, a renowned Russian software developing company

Ivan Zubkov, CEO of Svyazcom:

“Svyazcom is a software developing company targeted for developing vast solutions for mobile network operators, service providers and also recently joined the telecom regulator market. We have been in this business for over 15 years. During that time, we developed approximately 70 different products. Our portfolio is formed of messaging solutions such as the SMS center and voice solutions such as voicemail. We also created the soft-switch solution. In total, our solutions currently serve more than 300 million subscribers. Our team is formed of qualified professionals. Many of them have previously worked in telecoms as well. I previously worked at mobile telecom Russia.”


Oasis Smart Sim, an international company specialized in intelligent profile management and eSIM deployment

Olivier Leroux, CEO of Oasis Smart SIM:

“Oasis Smart Sim was created 11 years ago to develop technology in SIM and eSIM and intelligent profile management. We are now a subsidiary company of Tata Communications Limited. Through our partnership, or directly, to design, develop and operate solutions which are increasingly directed towards eSIM market for consumer, IoT and M2M. We are based in France and Singapore, but we operate on a world-wide basis.”


The Positive Effects of the partnership and the eSIM to Svyazcom’s product line

Ivan Zubkov, CEO of Svyazcom:

“eSIM solutions will compliment our existing product line. Svyazcom, in itself, is a software development company. We have never offered services before. The eSIM will allow us to master our new business model for our customers with eSIM delivery services. Complimenting our current products with eSIM services will allow us to expand our interaction with customers. eSIM also allows customers to simplify the access of subscribers to communication services. It organically increases the load analysis and leads to a new level of cooperation and customer satisfaction. We chose to establish this partnership because, similarly to Oasis Smart Sim, we always considered our flexibility as our competitive advantage. We were attracted by the fact that Oasis had the same approach. It is nice to work with a team which is primarily focused on the results.”


A Partnership which ensures Oasis Smart Sim can provide adapted solutions to local customers

Olivier Leroux:

“It’s very clear in our mind. Often we develop global secure technology, but we have a hard time applying this technology to local contexts. You need to be close to customers, speak their language and already be engaged with them. Svyazcom is a key play player in the Russian market. Ivan mentioned they have more than 70 products in their portfolio. They are engaged with a large number of customers. For us, this partnership is a unique opportunity for us to bring our technology close to these customers. We’re confident Ivan and the team will be able to “localize” this technology. Especially if we’re talking about eSIM, or connection to the network. This is really the “last mile” of the communication. You need to be in a close relationship with your customers to efficiently develop your technology. Alternatively, there are other interesting products in Svyazcom’s portfolio. They were developed with their customers. We believe they can contribute to the robustness and comprehensiveness of our eSIM offer. In the messaging space, the intelligent gateway management space etc. Therefore, in my view, it’s really a win-win partnership in terms of business and technology.”

Svyazcom’s Future Growth Prospects in light of the Covid pandemic

Ivan Zubkov:

“It’s too early to say that our solutions have changed much because the results of our activities in 2021 followed from the sales of 2020. The inertia of the telecom market segment is quite high. The requests from our customers did not change much. Nonetheless, there was a major problem we all experienced: roaming sunk considerably. On the other hand, the number of messages processed by our message delivery systems increased substantially. It increased the demand on our platforms from our customers – mobile operators and service providers.”

It will increase the demand of our mobile operators and service providers from our customers. We’re planning to grow in 2021 as we did in 2020, and the years before that.”


The eSIM Revolution: future prospects of in-app provisioning and digitalization

Olivier Leroux:

” For me, the revolution of eSIM and consumer devices is similar to the revolution which occurred in the App store. Whether it’s on Apple or Android, they not only changed the way to deliver an application, they also changed our lives. We don’t consume the same way, we don’t travel the same way, we don’t play the same way. Therefore, the SIM has become the token to materialize the on-boarding of a customer on the mobile network. eSIM is revolutionizing how we onboard customers onto the network. It’s a clear incentive to digitalize the customer journey more, to be able to do the KYC of customers, and to provision directly from this application, with one single platform.Therefore, our strategy is to deploy a full end to end solution to allow this totally digital, secure, fast, on-boarding of customers onto the mobile network. Again, Svyazcom is a key partner for us in this matter. As soon as you talk about customer journey, digitalization, you need to be close, you need to speak the same language. We should refrain from thinking that its going to be the same process everywhere. Mobile players need local actors and people who know the MNO. We expect Svyazcom to be a key partner for this in the years to come.”


To learn more about Svyazcom’s products & Solutions, please discover more on their website.

To learn more about our partnership with Svyazcom, refer to our press release.






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