Oasis Cloud for IoT Service Providers

Integrate once, connect to the world

Eliminate friction for your OEM customers with a complete, cloud-based management and control solution for eSIM, eliminating operational complexities and, easily integrable within your IoT connectivy platform through APIs.

Don’t start from the Ground Up. Eliminate Complexity and stay ahead with eSIM.

A single solution to overcome challenges of eSIM deployment, complexity of regulations and complex integrations with many partners across the ecosystem. Support any IoT application provider use case with our advanced eSIM Cloud solution.

Top challenges holding back eUICC
from mass adoption

Here’s what you can expect when you integrate Oasis Cloud with your IoT connectivity platform:

Easy eSIM provisioning and management:

Through our GSMA-certified eSIM SM-DP and eSIM SM-SR platforms:

✓ Seamlessly support multiple SM providers and MNOs

✓ Get full control over device connectivity.

Personalize eSIM Data Generation

Oasis Cloud enables you to personalise Data Gen, simplifying and securing the process

✓ Offer a complex, valuable service directly to your customers

✓ Protect and secure their data.

Your own certified RSP platform

Benefit from our GSMA-Certified Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) for any form factor, such as traditional ISO, MFF2, iSIM and vSIM

✓ Backed by a comprehensive Secure Routing infrastructure

✓ Bootstrap connectivity and BYOC

Complexity of operator agreements and relationships handled

✓ Deal with multiple MNO and interfaces while maintaining service continuity through our CRP platform, integrated to yours through a simplified API abstraction layer

✓ Integrate once to Oasis Cloud and connect to the world, seamlessly

Offer your Costumers a real Freedom of Choice

✓ Allow for onboarding and management of eUICCs from multiple vendors to adapt to your costumer’s business case

✓ Guarantee real interoperability to your costumers with multiple integrations of SM-DP, SM-SR and eUICC Vendors.

Enahnce the features of the standard GSMA eSIM specifications with intelligent profile selection

✓ Support your customer’s business case with specific business rules based on geography, cost vs quality strategy,… that go beyong current GSMA specifications.

✓ Deal with regulatory complexity with intelligent profile selection.

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