Oasis is proud to announce that its latest HELIOS eUICC has been certified by GlobalPlatform to comply with the requirements and technical implementation of the GSMA SGP.02 specifications, enabling a full interoperability and security in the eSIM ecosystem

Paris, 27th January 2020

Oasis’ newly certified HELIOS eUICC Operating System can be used in any type of mobile device, whilst guaranteeing total security and interoperability with the rest of the eSIM ecosystem.

This certification was done by an independent accredited laboratory following the GSMA SGP.16 v1.0 validation requirements and processes. Rigorous testing of HELIOS eUICC by a third-party lab verified the compliance with GSMA specifications and standard interoperability. The goal is to ensure that mobile network operators are able to use HELIOS eUICC in complete security and in a reliable manner.

To address the market needs, HELIOS eUICC is available both as a software-only Operating System or preloaded into Secure Elements from leading semiconductor companies. Its complete interoperability ensures that HELIOS eUICC can be remotely managed by any Subscription Manager compliant with the GSMA specifications.

Patrick Cao, Chief Operating Officer, said “We are proud to obtain this certification. This confirms with high level of confidence and trust that our eUICC product is secure and behaves in a predictable fashion. Oasis joins the GSMA trusted ecosystem and is strongly committed to the eSIM technology. We will continue expanding our portfolio to address the scale of the Internet of Things with proven compliance with the GSMA specifications”.

HELIOS eUICC is the latest version of the HELIOS SIM/eSIM Operating System family. Its foundation draws from its field-proven deployments into 300 million devices spread across more than 80 MNOs world-wide.

About Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM provides cutting edge technologies and customised services to enable the deployment of eSIM. Our mission is to embed our field proven eUICC Operating System “HELIOS” in all connected devices and to securely manage their activation and connectivity on 4G/5G networks with our Subscription Management suite of innovative solutions named “EOS”. Our value proposition includes a full set of services for embedded and reprogrammable SIM, along with solutions for activation, connectivity and subscription management. On the leading edge of secure embedded software, Oasis is a GSMA member since 2011.

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