Oasis smart SIM is proud to announce it is now member of the SIMalliance. The SIMalliance is the global association which pushes the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services and represents major SIM card and secure transactions players.

The expertise of Oasis’ team in the SIM and telecom field, as well as its ongoing efforts to master the ownership of each step of the SIM value chain, allowed Oasis to be officially recognized by the telecom industry. Oasis has indeed its own operating system, moreover it has launched its own factory in Shenzhen, China, where it manufactures the SIM cards from the embedding and personalization to the final packaged product.

In addition to this, Oasis is strongly committed to develop new secure and innovative mobile solutions, covering the whole SIM lifecycle, and especially mobile commerce and mobile payment. Olivier Leroux, Oasis’ CEO declares: “Oasis is delighted to become a key contributor to the SIMalliance activities and initiatives where it will bring its expertise to promote the SIM services and industry, and to meet new mobile security challenges. We are proud the efforts and works achieved as a complete player of the SIM card have been recognized by the industry representatives, which is a proof of our expertise in the SIM and mobile security field.”



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