OASIS SMART SIM has deployed a comprehensive set of eSIM Subscription Management services (DP+ Remote SIM Provisioning) for MOBIUZ.

These solutions enabled MOBIUZ to connect eSIM-equipped consumer devices to its network and securely manage their lifecycle.

MOBIUZ wanted to cater to the needs of the local mobile phone users equipped with eSIM-enabled devices and become a first mover in a country where other mobile operators have not launched eSIM yet. Following a national tender, Oasis Smart SIM was selected to deploy eSIM services for MOBIUZ , thanks to its expertise and capability to deploy the solution in a short timeframe. This deployment has included:

  • Deployment of a dedicated instance of  esim DP+ Subscription Manager for MOBIUZ in OASIS SMART SIM’s GSMA-Certified Data Center (France)
  • Creation and Preparation of Profiles and Profile Templates
  • Data Generation
  • Analytical data/reports Generation

This physical voucher approach may evolve towards a digital onboarding as OASIS SMART SIM now offers In-App QR-Code Free provisioning as part of its digital-first eSIM onboarding solution. Read more here.

OASIS SMART SIM’s Subscription Management Platform (or Remote SIM Provisioning) equips MOBIUZ


OASIS SMART SIM’s Subscription Management Platform (or Remote SIM Provisioning) is the technology that remotely connects and manages eSIM-enabled consumer devices to MOBIUZ’s network, without the need to insert a physical SIM card. To ensure global interoperability and functionality, this solution is compliant with the latest GSMA specifications (GSMA SGP .22) and remotely managed from a data center certified with the GSMA SAS-SM accreditation.

Olivier Leroux, CEO of Oasis Smart SIM, said: “OASIS SMART SIM is thrilled and honoured to have been selected by MOBIUZ, one of the major mobile network operator in Uzbekistan, to provide its GSMA-certified eSIM Subscription Management solution. Our company has the right mix of technology, expertise and agility to be a trusted partner for operators like MOBIUZ, so that their connected subscribers can enjoy a seamless experience thanks to eSIM.”


According to the report “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” from GSMA Intelligence and their eSIM scenario analysis of eSIM smartphones connections, 38% of smartphones connections are expected to come from eSIM smartphones by 2025 in the CIS region. It is clear that the landscape has changed significantly, reflecting the needs of convenience and digitization from customers.


Lola Filatova, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales of Mobiuz , added: “MOBIUZ is proud to be the first operator in Uzbekistan to offer an eSIM commercial service. The partnership with OASIS SMART SIM, its capabilities to deploy the solution in a short timeframe and its proven experience in eSIM management capabilities, was fundamental to the process.”



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