Oasis Smart SIM, a global leader in SIM and eSIM technologies, subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, and Svyazcom, a Russian expert in solution deployment in software, messaging, voice, and data, create an alliance to scale up eSIM and OTA technologies globally.
The two actors will partner to design, set-up, and operate OTA and eSIM Provisioning and Management solutions to better address the needs of MNOs, IoT Application Providers, and OEMs and bring them more services. Built on GSMA Standard for functionalities and securities and leveraging the interoperability framework offered by SIM and eSIM, the solution proposed by the partners will accelerate the transition from SIM to eSIM.


A broader catalog of solutions for both actors

Shipments of eSIM-based devices will reach almost two billion units by 2025, with a majority of smartphones, according to Counterpoint Research. This acceleration of demand also converges with a growing interest for the digitalization of the consumer journey, as telco consumers expect ever-more rapid and seamless delivery of their subscriptions. On the other hand, many eSIM functionalities (operating systems, profile-based applications) continue to rely on message delivery platforms.

To respond to this growing need to offer both modern eSIM and classic message delivery solutions, Svyazcom will offer DP-SR and DP+ GSMA-certified technologies from Oasis Smart SIM.

This also includes the recently-released eSIM consumer solution, combining DP+ technologies with a full onboarding solution comprising eKYC, In-App provisioning, and white-label digital interfaces, in order to create incredible digital journey for telco’s users, with seamlessness and with security at the forefront.

On its side, Oasis Smart SIM will offer Svyazcom’s whole catalog of solutions and platforms, including OTA Platform, SMS settings, SMS/SS7 Firewall, SMS Hub, Messenger Hub, together with their customization capabilities to add to their suite of SIM and eSIM solutions.


Certified and future-oriented solutions for MNOs, MVNOs and Service Providers

Oasis Smart SIM’s Suite of Subscription Management Solutions encompasses the GSMA-certified technologies that remotely connect and manage eSIM-enabled devices to Operator’s network without the need to insert a physical SIM card.

These solutions are called DP+ for Consumer and DP-SR for IoT and M2M. The latest also enables OEMs to manage their eSIM devices subscriptions and lifecycle through their SR. To ensure global interoperability and functionality, these solutions are compliant with the latest GSMA standards (GSMA SGP .21 and SGP .22 for Consumer and GSMA SGP .11, SGP .05 and SAS-UP for IoT/M2M) and are remotely managed from a data center compliant with the GSMA SAS-SM accreditation. These platforms have already been deployed for multiple organisations across the 5 continents, including for Tata Communications, a digital ecosystem enabler that powers today’s fast-growing digital economy.

Ivan Zubkov, CEO at Svyazcom, said: “Aware of the complexity and time-consuming efforts to build an eSIM platform ourselves, and believing in the spirit of cooperation, we chose to rely on a certified expert like Oasis Smart SIM. They work with excellent speed and agility, and our vision and thinking are completely aligned. The number of customer requests for IoT/M2M and Customer eSIM solutions is rising and we need to offer platforms which are adjusted to the customer needs. With this new partner, we feel confident and inspired to face the growing opportunities on the eSIM market.”

The Svyazcom development team has already created more than 70 in-house products and delivered about 180 installations in 14 countries. The company’s Value-Added Services (VAS) platforms and services currently serve more than 300 million subscribers simultaneously. To ensure the highest level of quality the company passes ISO and Ecovadis certifications, actively contributing to the ITU-T SG11 working group and interacting with the GSMA.

Olivier Leroux, CEO of Oasis Smart SIM, added: “This partnership is exciting news for Oasis, as it will allow us to enrich our portfolio of products and solutions and drive our creation of advanced solutions in the smart connectivity space. We are also extremely pleased to see a new Service Provider adopting Oasis Smart SIM’s telecommunication solutions that will contribute to growing its global footprint.”



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