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UICC Supply for Mobile Operators

In this period of UICC supply tension, it is critical to have a stable SIM provider who can help your firm grow by providing end-to-end, future-proof and fully customizable SIM card solutions.

350 Million

OS delivered since 2001

More than 80

MNOs served

GSMA Member

Since 2011
Oasis UICC supply
eSIM Profiles and SIM Cards Solutions


We offer a comprehensive UICC solution under one roof, from profile design and technical personalization through secure data storage and production, and shipping. We have sold 30 million OS since our inception; making hundreds of costumers benefit from our flexibility, expertise, and commitment.

End-to-end deployment

Profile design and technical personalization through secure data storage and production, and shipping.

  • Profile development & Secure Data Management
  • Production, Packaging, fulfilment & Technical Support

Data Gen & Profile Onboarding

Personalization of operator credentials along different stages of production done by Oasis Smart SIM.

  • Data Generation SAS-UP Certified Data Center in France
  • Single Profile, Multi-IMSI or Proprietary Multi Profile OS

A focus on Applet Dev

Development of in-house and extensive catalogue of SIM applets by Oasis R&D expert team.

  • Bootstrap, Diagnostic, IMEI Tracker, IoT Safe,...
  • Flexibility to develop and test on-demand with expert team


A focus on 5G, to deliver the quality of experience, subscriber privacy, network resource optimization required.

  • Focus on 5G Private Networks requirements
  • Focus on NON-3GPP Network Access and V2X


In-house and partner technology to updates and change data on the UICC without having to reissue it.

  • OTA Gateway, SMSC and Non-SMS OTA campaigns
  • Remote File/Application Management updates

Transition from SIM to eSIM

We help mobile operators plan a mid-term strategy to digitalize their supply chain with eSIM.

  • Implement eSIM strategy to digitize SIM distribution
  • Business continuity between SIM and eSIM

The Semiconductor Shortage: What It Means for Telecoms

and why digitalization becomes essential

In recent years, the lead time for semiconductors has increased considerably. On this interview between our CEO Olivier Leroux and CMO Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, discover how we've reached that situation and how Oasis Smart SIM works with its customers to ensure they meet their chip needs and engage in a gradual eSIM transition


Oasis: Enabling eSIM
for IoT service providers


We have more than a decade’s experience of delivering complete IoT eSIM management and operational enablement for the world’s largest IoT service providers. Partnering with Oasis means you can deliver eSIM to your customers, quickly, securely – and easily.

Serving the full OEM community

We work with innovators from automotive to enterprise and everything in between, so we will understand your specific eSIM deployment challenges. 

Trusted by global mobile brands

Oasis partners with more than 80 of the world’s leading mobile service providers, providing optimised solutions and supporting delivery of eSIM to their customers.

Bring your own

eSIM and eUICC profiles can be onboarded from different vendors, enabling you to offer the optimum range of solutions for your customers. 

  • Reduce costs and administrative overheads
  • Enhancing your flexibility

Start, scale and grow your business

Full MVNE services are available from our parent, Tata Communications, including connectivity management, BSS and OSS solutions. 

  • Services tuned to fit your strategy and requirements
  • Quick and easy onboarding

and logistics

We help your business with a range of outsourced services, ranging from logistics to full support for your eSIM offers.

  • Consultancy to help deliver streamlined IoT capabilities
  • Quick and easy onboarding

Act now to drive your transition to eSIM


An eSIM has a simple function – to connect to a network and to enable subscriber and device authentication.

360 degree

We remove the complexities from the eSIM delivery process, supporting you throughout the lifecycle every eSIM profile.

The market leaders in eSIM technology

Whatever your service requirements, we have the skills, technology, resources and customer focus you need. 

Connected Cars - What's the State of the Industry?Connected Cars - What's the State of the Industry?

Connected Cars - What's the State of the Industry?

Next week, we will participate in the Automotive Tech Week in collaboration with our parent company, Tata Communications. Our workshop will show how to derive value from data across the connected vehicle value chain. We will also discuss the impact of eSIM on OEMs and the latest innovation in the field.

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