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The semiconductor shortage had a deep effect on the telecom industry. Today, it looks critical for Service Providers to begin planning a mid-term strategy that will digitalize their supply chain and shield them from additional chip shortage. With Oasis Smart SIM, an eSIM specialist company and subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited:

Implement eSIM strategy to digitize SIM distribution 

Prioritize business continuity between your SIM & eSIM supplies with a player helping you make the eSIM transition seamlessly

Partner with a strong and resourceful group supporting your connectivity projects

SIM Insecurity: Dealing with Semiconductor Supply Disruptions

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In this report, we delve into the global events that have led to the semiconductor shortage, the effect of the disruption on industries, pricing and regulations and what immediate and near-term strategies Oasis Smart SIM, an eSIM specialist, have deployed to limit damage, ensure there are sufficient SIMs in stock and allow for innovation and eSIM transition. 

The Semiconductor Shortage: What It Means for Telecoms

and why digitalization becomes essential

In recent years, the lead time for semiconductors has increased considerably, leading to a chip shortage. In this interview between our CEO Olivier Leroux and CMO Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, discover how we've reached that situation and how Oasis Smart SIM works with its customers to ensure they meet their chip needs and engage in a gradual eSIM transition

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