The Apple Event

After much hype and excitement, Apple held its ‘Far Out Event’ in the US on Wednesday, announcing its latest product releases for its iPhone 14 line.

Pre-event, there was plenty of speculation about what would be unveiled by the tech giant, including rumours of an eSIM-only device – something more carriers worldwide are beginning to adopt.

The big announcement

The rumours were true: in the US, the new iPhone 14 devices will be shipped to customers as an e-sim only without any SIM tray in the device. It may not come as a surprise to major US carriers as a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported the carriers had been told to be ready for the eSIM-only device this year.

There will still be versions of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, which will feature Dual SIM (nano-SIM and eSIM) to address the global market.

How will this impact the eSIM market?

With Apple introducing these eSIM-only models, Remote Provisioning technology will become more popular and create greater awareness for eSIMs. Resistance to change is of course there as for any digitisation technology but with Apple championing this trend, it could come to a point where we are seeing eSIM-only models become the norm with physical SIMs being phased out.

The benefits of having an eSIM

Here at Oasis Smart-SIM, we believe there are huge benefits for customers, companies and carriers using eSIMS. eSIM is about activating any device with any operator subscription anytime, anywhere in an instant .

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