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Pascal Decaux, business developer in telecommunications at ARIADNEXT:

“I’m speaking from Barcelona as part of the Mobile World Congress Exhibition. It is the world’s largest telecom trade show. I am a business developer in telecommunications at ARIADNEXT. It’s a company from Bretagne, France and a pan-European leader of digital identification both from a distance and at physical sale points for contract subscription purposes while complying with regulations to fight against fraud and improve the customer experience.”

The ARIADNEXT – Oasis Smart SIM Partnership

“In addition to 5G, which has received a lot of attention, there is another important topic in the telecom market: the arrival and rise of eSIM cards. These cards are already embedded in a device’s terminals. They’re continuously experiencing phenomenal growth. Approximately  1/3rd of smartphones will be eSIM compatible within the next years.

To meet these challenges, mobile operators whether they’re operators with Networks or Virtual Operators (i.e. MVNOs), need new solutions. To provide these solutions, we established a strategic partnership with Oasis Smart Sim. Oasis Smart Sim is a French innovation-driven company. Similarly to ARIADNEXT, the company is GSMA certified in the domain of eSIM activation solutions for mobile operator networks. Together, we offer an end-to-end eSIM in the box solution. “

How does this solution work?

“It begins with a eKYC journey (ie remote identification) while respecting regulatory constraints, working to reinforce safeguards against fraud, and ensuring a fluid customer experience, working to reinforce safeguards against fraud, and ensuring a fluid customer experience. On the other hand, Oasis Smart Sim provides the activation of the eSIM.

To complete our partnership, we rely on the services provided by Mobilise. Mobilise is an English company and a European leader in SAS services for telecoms. With Mobilise, we also a white label App to embark our services and to ensure a contactless in-app eSIM activation, without using QR codes. This process is done digitally, entirely transparently and in less than 2 minutes.”

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Thanks to ARIADNEXT for their participation in this interview. Find out more about ARIADNEXT here.

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