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Oasis Smart SIM & Tata Communications discuss the challenges for eSIM adoption and M2M 

SIM growth is unstoppable, ABI research predicts there will be an estimated 420 million eSIM - equipped devices by 2020 /- there are also many challenges to eSIM adoption. With increasing demand  for eSIM comes the challenge of providing the enabling technology and infrastructure. That's where most IoT service providers and OEM's are finding their hands are tied. Since December 2021, Tata Communications acquired majority stake in Oasis Smart SIM and both companies have worked to leverage their joint capabilities to develop and co-create products and solutions to enable end-to-end embedded connectivity in the M2M and Consumer space and make eSIM a resounding success.  

Deepak Gusain, Global Business Head, Mobility and IoT Solutions at Tata Communications and Olivier Leroux, CEO & President at Oasis Smart SIM, discuss these challenges around eSIM and M2M deployment.Here are some of the take aways. 

The prevalent issues with eSIM encountered from Tata Communications' point of view   

Deepak Gusain: "There are problems, but they don't solely revolve around the perception of the technology. First, we look at the DPSR framework. It’s complicated because there’s a lot of heavy technological infrastructure which is required to make it work. The difficulty to understand it in case someone is not an eSIM expert is where we believe that a lack of technology and technical expertise in the IoT application provider segment. The whole business is actually not eSIM, but the value added services. It makes it a bit difficult for the end customers who adopt it: they see many challenges to the adoption of eSIM. 

Another issue is that of interoperability not fulfilling its promises. I have seen this occur personally. The technology has a lot of promises. However, as far as adoption is concerned, there still a high Cost of Adoption for eSIM vs traditional SIM Cards. But in the long-run, we believe that customers and partners are going to take full advantage of the technology provided that the obstacles of perception are overcome."  

The alternatives explored by IoT application providers, beyond short and long-term shortcomings 

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