Mobile connectivity of wearable device has enormous potential

As technology continues to grow more advanced, so does its prominence in our everyday lives. One thinks of the remarkable transformations of smartphones over the last decade, the deployment of connected cars and the exponential growth of IoT devices but should not forget wearable devices.

According to Statista, the number of connected wearable devices worldwide has more than doubled in the space of three years, increasing from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019. The number of devices is forecast to reach more than one billion by 2022. So far, many devices were coupled with a connected device such as a smartphone – but more and more can be autonomously connected to a mobile network, thanks to the presence of eSIM technology inside the device. It is the case of the latest Apple Watch that won’t require an iPhone to operate.

Incorporating mobile connectivity within the wearable device offers enormous potential for the development of an unforeseen volume of applications across multiple market sectors: standalone voice, text, browsing, payment services, connected health and fitness apps, personalized and real-time user data.  

OEMs or MNOs looking to capture market share from wearable devices in the consumer space should be attentive to those trends:

The trend of flexible connectivity thanks to eSIM connectivity

Vodafone technology director Tony Baird says that the arrival of the fifth-generation mobile network is expected to usher in a new wave of dual-SIM devices and wearables over the next few years. OEMs and MNOs should leverage the 5G benefits of speed, capacity and lower latency to offer connected devices equipped with eSIMs so that users do not need to worry about the location of use of the object and without any intervention when setting up or changing mobile subscription. 

Consumers look for more unique digital User Engagement Experiences

Customers will be 33% more satisfied with digital-only customer journey compared to traditional one: today, the challenge for mobile operators is to quickly and seamlessly onboard their customer not only on smartphones but also on connected devices such as wearables.

A need for advanced security to counter threats

Wearable devices collect, store and transmit an unprecedented and unparalleled combination of highly sensitive user data. The software and firmware inside the wearable device can also be compromised by malicious actors. Certified eUICC (eSIM) solutions are uniquely positioned to deliver the advanced security required by wearable devices as it based on a highly efficient, advanced and security-certifiable process landscape. Working with an eSIM provider that supports the evolution of the OEM’s business with secure, standards compliant, interoperable solutions is key to the success of a wearable device launch.

Oasis Smart Sims’ solutions for Consumer Electronics

Working with experts in the domain of eSIM solutions is the way to go for OEMs and MNOs in order to gain market share in the growing field of wearable devices.

Oasis Smart Sim’s 5G SIM & eSIM Operating System

Oasis Smart Sim’s 5G Operating System developed according to the GSMA 3GPP R15 standard is tailored to meet the requirements of miniaturization, ruggedness and security of today’s wearable devices. With Oasis Smart Sim’s 5G eSIM, OEMs have the peace of mind that their consumer devices will be able to connect easily to cellular networks, no matter which part of the globe they are shipped to.

Patrick Cao, Chief Operating Officer, said: “HELIOS 5G is an important milestone in the development history of our Helios SIM and eSIM Operating System. It demonstrates the expertise of our R&D team and confirms our position at the forefront of the technology and the security standards established by the GSMA. With HELIOS 5G, Oasis contributes to a safer world”.

Oasis Smart Sims’ eSIM Subscription Manager

OASIS’s eSIM profile management platform allows OEMs and mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide mobile connectivity to eSIM-enabled devices wherever they are. Drastically simplifying OEMs’ supply chain and enhancing the user experience, it is the one of the most flexible and personalized offers of eSIM profile management in the market and fully certified by the GSMA.

About Oasis Smart Sim

Oasis Smart Sim Europe develops and provides advanced technologies and personalized services to enable the deployment of eSIM (embedded SIM card) and SIM technologies certified by the GSMA.

Our value proposition includes a complete set of GSMA-certified services for mobile operators and device makers to enable 4G and 5G connectivity on IoT, M2M and Consumer Devices.

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