In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, connectivity plays a pivotal role in shaping our digital experiences. As we witness the transition from traditional wired connections to wireless solutions, the emergence of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology in laptops marks a significant milestone. eSIM laptops offer a leap forward in terms of convenience, flexibility, and efficiency compared to their Wi-Fi-only counterparts, these include; 


Slimmer Design and Enhanced Portability:

One of the primary advantages of eSIM for laptops is their ability to offer OEMs the ability to improve device real estate by eliminating the need for a physical SIM card slot that can be 90% bigger than a simple dedicated SIM hardware. Manufacturers can therefore either create more compact and lightweight devices or improve other functions, such as battery life.


Global Connectivity Without Physical Swapping:

eSIM laptops offer global connectivity without the need to swap SIM cards. Users can seamlessly switch between cellular networks and plans through a user-friendly interface, making international travel more accessible and efficient.


Enhanced Security:

eSIM technology enhances the security of laptops with cellular connectivity. Wi-Fi, in many cases, offers insecure connectivity, exposing the user to hackers who are often using malicious hotspots and public Wi-Fi to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks.


Effortless Setup and Activation:

Setting up cellular connectivity on eSIM laptops is a user-friendly process. Users can activate their devices with a few simple steps, often through a digital interface. Anywhere and at any time, the user can select a cellular plan and activate its eSIM. 


Multiple Profiles on a Single Device:

eSIM technology allows for the download and storage of multiple profiles on a single device. (eSIM standard limits eSIM to 2 active subscriptions). This is particularly beneficial for users who want to maintain separate profiles for personal and professional use or for those who frequently switch between different networks. This versatility adds an extra layer of convenience and adaptability to the user experience.



In the realm of connected devices, eSIM laptops represent a significant advancement in terms of design, flexibility, and user experience. The seamless integration of eSIM technology eliminates many of the limitations associated with traditional Wi-Fi laptops, offering users a more streamlined, secure and efficient way to stay connected. As the technology continues to evolve, eSIM laptops are likely to become the new standard for mobile connectivity in laptops.


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Established in 2011, Oasis Smart SIM is a France and Singapore-based company simplifying Telcos, Service Providers and OEMs’ adoption of eSIM by providing a range of GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructures, platforms and services designed to simplify technology. Oasis Smart SIM is now a member of the GSMA and TCA (Trusted Connectivity Alliance), ranked by Counterpoint Research as the 6th Global eSIM Management Solution Provider in 2022.
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