With the release of the iPhone 15 in only a few months' time?  The rumours of what is to come in September are that Apple will indeed release an e-SIM iPhone 15 device in many European countries.


What Effect with the iPhone 15 being eSIM-only have on the e-SIM Market?

Since the iPhone 14’s introduction in 2022, both consumers and the telecoms industry alike are gaining greater awareness and further usage of e-SIM-only devices. The US operators had to move fast to adapt to the iPhone 14, but their European counterparts have had a little more time to understand the impact and what is coming down the line.


Digital First

As the industry sees the switch to e-SIM, it’s vital that carriers and providers make sure they have a solid digital infrastructure moving forward, be that with mobile-friendly apps and easy-to-use platforms, to ensure that plan management, activation, and account management are simplified for the end-user.

For operators, adopting a digital-first approach, it will mark a significant change implementing eSIM first, replacing the traditional physical SIM card methods used to activate a device.  An immediate benefit for customers and carriers will be the ability to securely activate any device anytime anywhere remotely.


Concerns and Considerations for the Industry

Many within the industry may be asking "What about customer relationships?" This is always the question raised by the ecosystem when the question of SIM digitisation is raised.


Nurture Customers

As already mentioned, with the introduction of e-SIM, there will be less need for physical customer interactions, but this is where mobile network operators will need to ensure their digital platforms are ready and easy to use. It is critical for service providers that any customer onboarding provides the right end-to-end digital process from eKYC to payment to eSIM remote activation. eSIM-only smartphones are a great opportunity to accelerate eSIM deployments for operators in an effective and timely manner. For many operators, the challenge is even bigger, with the need to be eSIM ready to address this new market in a few weeks.


New Markets

Interestingly, the emergence of the e-SIM and digital-led telecoms is opening up new entrants in the market with digital-only providers and mobile virtual network operators. The first who launched eSIM digital-only operations are leading operators in the US or Europe but we see also a growing number of roaming eSIM-only digital operations allowing travellers to activate local subscriptions. This is important to highlight because IPhone 14 and 15 eSIM-only devices will travel globally and require local service.



e-SIM technology is progressing, and soon the largest smartphone OEMs such as Apple and Samsung will broaden their ranges to mid and low-range eSIM and eSIM-only products giving the opportunity MNOs and MVNOs to offer an innovative, sustainable, and better-connected experience.

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