Oasis joins 10 000 French companies to promote inter-company solidarity

Paris, the 10th of June 2021


CSR – Oasis is proud to announce its signature of a convention with La France – Une Chance, a movement initiated by the French government which allows companies to work for a more inclusive society by granting opportunities to society’s most vulnerable social groups.

To meet this objective, hundreds of “company clubs” were created across France to promote cooperation between companies, increase the number of companies who undergo solidarity-driven actions and transform individual responsibilities into collective ones. The project recognizes that all companies have a role to play in promoting inclusiveness by hiring marginalized groups and promoting capacity building. For these reasons, Oasis is one of 10 000 companies across France who have joined the ambitious movement since Oasis’ values strongly align with those embedded in the governmental initiative.

  • Reception and support plan: Internships for 9th graders, capacity building opportunities, in a professional environment
  • Recruitment: Persons in the process of acquiring skills (young people from priority areas of city policy, disabled people…).
  • Partnerships: Responsible purchasing, socially responsable and promoting solidarity in the economy.

Oasis commitments for the first phase:

  • One internship per year with 9th graders from priority neighbourhoods
  • Apprenticeship and work-study: 2 contracts of apprenticeship and work study per year
  • Disabled people: we have sought to obtain information on the options and possibilities, in order to see in what context we could hire people with disabilities.
  • Integration structure through economic activity: we have been committed to look for suppliers who strongly align with CSR criteria (depending on their geographic and environmental context) in order for us to buy from them in priority.

We are excited to be part of this convention and hope to achieve more for the year to come!

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