What is Remote eSIM Provisioning?

eSIM provisioning is the process of remotely activating an embedded SIM (eSIM) in a device, allowing it to connect to a mobile network or service provider without needing a physical SIM card. The eSIM, being a SIM card already embedded in a device, can then be activated and managed remotely by a carrier or service provider. By activating the eSIM remotely, users can activate a mobile plan or subscription quickly without needing to physically visit a store or wait for a SIM card to be shipped to them.


How Does it Work?

Although it may sound complicated, remote eSIM provisioning can be easily done by consumers using the eSIM already built into a device and following the steps below:

Request eSIM activation: The first step is to request the activation of the eSIM from a mobile carrier or service provider. This could involve using an online portal or an app to purchase your plan.

Install eSIM profile: Next, you need to install the eSIM profile on your device. This can usually be done by scanning a QR code or using In app Provisioning through an App. That will start the download process of the eSIM onto your phone.

Activate eSIM profile: With the eSIM profile installed, your device can connect to your service provider's network and activate the eSIM profile. Once the eSIM activation is complete, your device will be connected to your mobile plan or subscription, and you're ready to go!



A Closer Look at MNO and MVNO Perspectives

With the advent of eSIM technology, managing profiles for eSIM-enabled devices has become more streamlined. Acquiring a new profile requires interaction with a network operator, where the process involves registering for a new account or verifying ownership. Once the need for a downloadable profile is established, the network operator places it on the download server (SM-DP+), guiding users through the subsequent steps of download, installation, and activation described above.

To effectively provide eSIM services, MNOs and MVNOs must incorporate or interact with the following essential elements:

  • SM-DP+: As the pivotal link between the server and the eUICC, the SM-DP+ plays a crucial role in profile preparation, download, and management. It ensures the protection of credentials on the server while merging the functionalities of SM-DP and SM-SR from M2M solutions. MNOs and MVNOs need to integrate this element into their infrastructure to facilitate smooth profile provisioning for eSIM-enabled devices.
  • Local Profile Assistant (LPA): The LPA, embedded onto the phone, is instrumental in facilitating local eUICC profile management. It enables a seamless user interface experience, allowing users to effortlessly download and manage their profiles.

  • Modified eUICC: The eUICC has modifications supporting the LPA for end user interaction


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What does Remote SIM Provisioning mean for MNOs and MVNOs?

For MNOs and MVNOs, remote SIM provisioning means they can simplify many of the logistical challenges that they have historically faced with SIM distribution and inventory management. They can now remotely activate new subscribers or update existing ones without the need to send physical SIM cards, removing the administration and costs associated with this. Eliminating these costs will also allow greater scope for expanding MVNOs or MNOs, allowing them to grow in new regions and increase customer numbers at an unprecedented pace. Their customers are also able to enjoy an enhanced user experience with new subscribers onboarded instantly, opening them to purchase additional services or subscriptions immediately. MNOs and MVNOs are also able to become more agile with their service offerings, quickly introducing new service plans or offers, and as such, enjoy a greater customer retention rate.


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