Q: Now You Use eSIM What’s Changed?

“For me, eSIM has really changed my life because it allows me to use only one smartphone for many different usages. 

I can always keep my personal line on the phone, but I can share the device for other usages. For example, I download eSIM to use in a professional capacity.  I have my professional number on my eSIM, which means I can update my plan if I am travelling, or deactivate it quickly if I am on holiday.

When I am travelling I keep my personal SIM card on the phone so I always have access to my SMS and to my French number but when I get to the airport I can quickly download a plan from a local provider for a week or two weeks, or if I'm travelling across countries I can take a regional plan. This allows me to have a local number and to have local rates from the operators whilst keeping my personal SIM card on the phone so I never have to switch between them.

Recently I used all my data allowance from my personal plan but I needed an extra 2GB to finish the month. It was super expensive with my current operator so I downloaded an eSIM to get cheaper access to 2GB until the end of the month, after that, I just deleted the eSIM and went back to using my personal plan for the rest of the month.”

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The Effect of eSIM on our Daily Lives


Freedom to Switch Networks 

One of the most beneficial changes consumers can expect to enjoy from eSIM is the freedom to switch networks. Instead of ordering and having to wait for a new SIM card to be delivered, consumers can now switch networks with a phone call or online. This has the potential to make consumers' lives much easier. One of the plus points is easily switching networks is it gives consumers greater control over their plans and the financial implications of them. As highlighted in the above video, many networks will charge a premium for any extra data or minutes a customer might need within a month. With eSIM however, customers are no longer forced to accept these prices and are free to shop around different networks for a short-term package to cover their additional needs until the end of the month.  With it being so easy to switch networks eSIM customers can also shop smartly and continue to swap networks, to make sure they always have the most suitable package or most financially viable option. This freedom will be extremely beneficial during the current Cost of Living Crisis.



The ease of temporary changing networks will also affect people as they travel in their day-to-day lives. Many people find that they get good network coverage in one area of their daily lives but not in others, for example, many people have good coverage at home but poor coverage in the office. eSIM offers an easy solution to this, with the ability to switch networks within a few clicks many people will find they need not be affected by poor network coverage again. This will also affect those travelling internationally. They no longer need to worry about costly roaming charges, with eSIM they can simply purchase a plan from a local network at a much cheaper rate.


Multiple Devices 

Those who have to use two phones in their daily life could also benefit from adapting to eSIM. With an eSIM they will be able to host multiple phone numbers within the same device, eliminating the need to carry multiple phones. They can also enjoy complete control over which SIM they use for making calls, sending messages or using data whilst both plans remain active to receive texts or calls.

As Enterprise Private Networks (EPNs) become more common, it is predicted that more enterprises will push for employees to have an eSIM-enabled device. EPNs are powerful tools which allow enterprises and their employees to securely access and share sensitive and critical IT resources. By deploying eSIM devices, employees will be able to easily and quickly connect to the Private Network when they are at their place of work. 


Within Your Device

Finally, another noticeable change eSIM could bring into play in people's lives can be found within the actual devices. eSIM uses less physical space within a device than traditional SIM cards. This means the additional space saved within the device can be used to add additional features, for example extending the battery life. Removing the physical SIM card tray will also offer additional protection as moisture or dust will have one less opening to enter a device.


About Oasis Smart SIM

Established in 2011, Oasis Smart SIM is a France and Singapore-based company simplifying Telcos, Service Providers and OEMs’ adoption of eSIM by providing a range of GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructures, platforms and services designed to simplify technology. Oasis Smart SIM is now a member of the GSMA and TCA (Trusted Connectivity Alliance), ranked by Counterpoint Research as the 6th Global eSIM Management Solution Provider in 2022.
Oasis Smart SIM is a subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, a digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy.

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