The invention of eSIM had initially provided many challenges for operators. One of these was how to securely activate new eSIM profiles and still ensure the straightforward customer journey consumers had experienced with physical SIM.

GSMA eSIM working group has defined an architecture to provision a consumer eSIM device and it starts with an SM-DP+ platform.

What is an SM-DP+ platform?

SM-DP+, or Subscription Manager Data Preparation +, is essentially a platform for storing and delivering digital eSIM Profiles. The platform prepares the Profile Packages and secures each with a Profile Protection Key. These Profile protection keys, along with the Protected Profile Packages, are stored in a secure manner in a Profile Package repository. This links the Protected Profile Packages to a specified Endpoint Identifier (EID).

The SM-DP+ binds these Protected Profile Packages to the respective EID and securely downloads these Bound Profile Packages to the Local Profile Assistant (LPA) of the respective eUICC. The SM-DP+ is also capable of performing Remote Profile Management operations such as profile enabled, disabled or deleted remotely.

A few other words are important to have a better understanding of eSIM:

A key work in the eSIM world is Profile. It is combination of data and applications to be Remote SIM Provisioning (Main functions being downloading, installing, enabling, disabling, and deleting) on an eUICC to activate a device. We could also call it a digital SIM as eSIM is nothing else than a solution that is digitising SIM delivery. 

The Local Profile Assistant (LPA) is a functional element in the Device (LPAd) or in the eUICC (LPAe) that provides the LPD (Local Profile Download), LDS (Local Discovery Server) and LUI (Local User Interface) functions. Those 3 features are essential to make sure that the user manage its eSIM through the interface on the device and that the device supports the Discovery server function as well as the Profile Download in the eUICC.

The Device is a user equipment used in conjunction with an eUICC to connect to a mobile network. It can be a smartphone or a handset but also a Companion Device that relies on the capabilities of a this primary Device for the purpose of Remote SIM Provisioning a watch for example.

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