Security, programmability and 5G networks will propel the market further

The growing popularity of eSIMs is enhancing the development of nearly all aspects of IoT applications in vehicles, and across consumer, fleet, logistics, insurance, and shared usage. The easy programmability, high-value, small footprint, and durability make it an ideal solution to be the hub of connectivity in the cars of the future. eSIMs support automaker’s digital transformation efforts and MNO’s desire to generate new revenue channels. In 2021, eSIM vehicle connectivity is poised to propel the market further due to:

  1. Security – With greater connectivity comes greater risk of hackers taking control of an auto or in a worst-case scenario, a “fleet-wide” attack. eSIM offers superior remote security, including authentication, to help prevent attacks on vehicles and services. Encryption provides another layer of security.
  2. Universality – eSIMs offer a global standard that is consistent across countries, OEMs, and MNOs. The universality of eSIMs provides global automakers with connectivity standardisation that reduces cost, improves quality, and increases adaptability. It eliminates the problem of multiple local SIM cards that create complex and expensive carrier management and logistics.
  • 5G Networks – eSIMs in combination with 5G networks are a must-have to fully develop connected cars. By 2025, analysts expect 5G connections to be in over 30 million vehicles. 5G networks, along with eSIMs, are an excellent opportunity for MNOs to provide innovative business models to automakers, create new revenue channels, and drive connected car growth.
  • Device lifecycle management
    It needs to be possible to remotely update, patch, and improve connected car applications and embedded devices. This process will keep connected cars working at optimal performance and protect them against new cyber risks while enhancing the user experience.
  • Always-on, reliable connectivity
    Any connected car must be able to transmit automotive data rapidly and reliably. Delays could confuse the driver and even generate accidents.
  • Worldwide and seamless operation
    Any connected vehicle component or app must be suitable for deployment in any market around the world.

Oasis Provides Connectivity Solutions for Telematics

Oasis Smart SIM’s innovative eSIM solutions meet the needs of automotive telematics requirements. Automobile makers and Automotive Telematics solutions providers can leverage on Oasis Smart Sim’s state-of-the-art and fully GSMA-certififed eUICC to build trust in their connected car offering. Oasis Smart Sim offers :

  • A secure M2M eUICC compliance with the highest level of security and interoperability defined by the GSMA.
  • High-speed cybersecurity solutions to enable securely connected applications
  • Long-term support for the eUICC throughout the project’s entire lifespan
  • Advanced security expertise and device lifecycle management solution allowing you to meet the requirement of the connected car of the future.

To provide vehicle connectivity, automotive industry players can leverage on OASIS GSMA-Certified Subscription Manager.

Oasis delivers cutting-edge eSIM solutions with a field-proven reactivity, proactivity, and level of services. Automotive makers and IoT solution providers will find in Oasis a reliable partner that actively contributes to the development of solutions and supports partners with their eSIM development throughout the project’s entire lifespan. Schedule a discussion with one of our experts to learn how we can help your organisation deploy innovative eSIM solutions

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