Q: Why did you switch to eSIM? 

“I switched to eSIM around three years ago, I think. It was after a long weekend where I had no connection because my SIM card had died. It is very rare for this to happen, but it can happen. I took this setback however as an opportunity to discuss my options with my operator. We decided that switching to eSIM would be the best solution for me. This was due to the fact I was not able to wait for a new SIM card to be delivered by post. Therefore, the best solution for me was to login into an application, download eSIM and there we go, I was up and running! For three years now I have had eSIM and it has been a very good experience I would highly recommend you switch to eSIM too.


Is your device eSIM compliant? You can check on Oasis’s website and then speak to your operator to switch to eSIM. It’s a great experience. Thank you”

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Other reasons to switch to eSIM

There are many other reasons why someone might consider switching to eSIM


Switch Networks with Ease

Consumers using eSIMs can enjoy the ability to switch networks much easier than those using physical SIMs. As Jean-Christophe touched on in the video, when you order a new physical SIM card you’ll need to wait for it to be delivered and inserted into your device before you can switch a network. This can be a lengthy process, not including the time it can take to find a SIM ejector tool! With an eSIM however you can switch to a different network with just a phone call or even online.


Travelling or Roaming

Those who are frequent travellers can benefit hugely by making the switch to eSIM. This is because, unlike a standard SIM card, eSIMs can store up to 5 different network connections at one time. This means you could locally switch between networks if you are experiencing poor connectivity. It also means that those who travel internationally can switch to a local network and avoid costly roaming charges.  


Multiple Numbers

Another benefit of being able to switch networks with the same device is the ability to have multiple phone numbers on one device. This is extremely useful for people who might want to have different devices for business and personal use, but don’t want to carry around multiple devices. They can also enjoy complete control over which number is used at what time for making calls, texts and even which data package they wish to use.


Physical Phone Space & Security

A final reason why someone might look to switch to an eSIM is the fact that an eSIM takes up much less physical space within a device. This means that device creators have the ability to utilise this space to add additional features to the device or increase the battery life. Removing the physical SIM card also means removing any access to the SIM card, which better protects a device from dirt or moisture entering the hardware of the device and decreasing the danger of it becoming broken. With no access to an eSIM, it also creates added security as it can no longer be removed and potentially lost. If you’re eSIM-enabled device is ever stolen or lost, you will find it much easier to locate as network providers can control eSIM remotely. You are also secure in the knowledge that if you can’t find or retrieve your device, your eSIM can’t be duplicated.


About Oasis Smart SIM

Established in 2011, Oasis Smart SIM is a France and Singapore-based company simplifying Telcos, Service Providers and OEMs’ adoption of eSIM by providing a range of GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructures, platforms and services designed to simplify technology. Oasis Smart SIM is now a member of the GSMA and TCA (Trusted Connectivity Alliance), ranked by Counterpoint Research as the 6th Global eSIM Management Solution Provider in 2022.
Oasis Smart SIM is a subsidiary of Tata Communications Limited, a digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy.

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