Oasis is proud to announce the availability of HELIOS 5G

February 17, 2020

Among many improvements implemented by Oasis R&D team, Oasis OS 5G introduces new features to enable a device to authenticate to the 5G network with increased security and privacy of communications. The network authentication offered by Oasis OS 5G is significantly stronger, due to longer crypto keys and an advanced algorithm. Additionally, the Oasis OS benefits from a powerful onboard encryption including a SUCI calculator. It anonymizes the subscriber identity, thereby guaranteeing full subscriber privacy.

Patrick Cao, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Oasis OS 5G is an important milestone in the development history of our Helios SIM and eSIM Operating System. It demonstrates the expertise of our R&D team and confirms our position at the forefront of the technology.  5G is critical for the next generation of mobility services and we foresee further development of 5G related features in our products. With Oasis OS 5G, Oasis contributes to a safer world”.

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