6th Global eSIM Management Solution Provider in 2022

May 24, 2022

Counterpoint Research’s eSIM Competitive, Ranking & Evaluation report, published on May 17 of 2022, has placed Oasis Smart SIM in 6th position in its global ranking of eSIM Solution Providers for eSIM Management, upscaling by +2 ranks. With this, Oasis Smart SIM has secured a position in the ‘Specialists’ category in this report. 



Counterpoint Research’s Counterpoint Research’s eSIM Competitive Ranking , published in May 2022

Oasis Smart SIM has moved up two ranks in the ranking and went from “Dark Horse” (well-positioned to challenge the status quo in near future) to “Specialist” (challenging the top 2) . 

Counterpoint Research Vice President Neil Shah commented “Oasis Smart SIM is one of the fastest-growing eSIM service providers that carries a unique proposition of being a “pure eSIM player”, Oasis enjoyed a great year and is well-positioned to challenge the leaders”.

Olivier Leroux, CEO & President of Oasis Smart SIM, said: “It is great to be recognized as a true contender to the main eSIM solution suppliers. It is the demonstration that the investment in our dedicated engineering and development team has resulted in a best-in-class eSIM management solution.”

Mysore Madhusudhan, Executive Vice President, Collaboration & Connected solutions at Tata Communications said, “Enterprises are looking at enhanced and intelligent connectivity for their products and operations. Tata Communications, together with our subsidiary Oasis Smart SIM Europe (SAS), are transforming global businesses with end-to-end secure embedded connectivity. We are proud of the rapid progress that Oasis Smart SIM has demonstrated.”

More about Counterpoint Research’s ranking: 

The CORE (Competitive, Ranking & Evaluation) framework ranks different players in terms of completeness and capabilities of the platform providers offering, level of GSMA compliance, the number of eSIM RSP management platform deployments, diversity of end-customers, partnerships, and other parameters such as PaaS, Geographical Reach, Interoperability etc.

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