SAS-SM certification for its eSIM Subscription

February 10, 2020


Paris, 10th February 2020

 Oasis is pleased to announce the certification of its Subscription Manager EOS2 according to the SAS-SM Security Accreditation Scheme of the GSMA.  This is the result of a comprehensive security audit carried out to ensure that Oasis have implemented all adequate security measures to protect the interests of MNOs and EOMs. The Oasis EOS2 SM-DP (Subscription Management Data Preparation) and SM-SR (Subscription Management Secure Routing) are deployed in a secure data center in France with the highest level of security and interoperability.

This SAS-SM certification follows the GSMA certification received in 2019 for Helios eUICC, a full range of eSIM Operating Systems and products. This positions Oasis as a key player for providing end-to-end solutions to all the stakeholders of the eSIM ecosystem.

Patrick Cao, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are proud to receive this security accreditation from the world’s leading wireless industry representative body. This demonstrates our commitment in delivering world-class security solutions and processes in our operations. Our customers can have the peace of mind that we have all the security measures rigorously implemented to protect sensitive data in the remote management of their eSIM for M2M and IoT applications”.


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