Oasis Smart SIM joins Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) 

January 17, 2022

Global SIM and eSIM provider Oasis Smart SIM further embedded itself in the eSIM community by joining the Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA), formerly known as SIMalliance, to support the standardization and security of the eSIM ecosystem. 

Trusted Connectivity Alliance (former SIMalliance) is the global industry association of the world's leading participants of the SIM ecosystem. The association supports the creation, deployment, and management of secure mobile services. Its members represent over 80% of the global SIM market. 

Global eSIM shipments grew by 83% year-on-year in 2020, driven by an increasing number of eSIM-enabled consumer, IoT & M2M devices, and standardization and collaboration are critical to the mass adoption of this technology. Oasis Smart SIM has been recognized as a leading SIM and eSIM manufacturer, with extensive GSMA-certifications in the field of M2M/IoT (SGP.02, SGP.11, SAS-SM) and Consumer (SGP.22, SAS-SM), and multiple SM-DP+ and DP-SR services and platforms deployed globally. By joining the TCA association, Oasis seeks to participate in key initiatives to advance SIM technology and to further collaborate with the global SIM ecosystem. 

Olivier Leroux, CEO of Oasis Smart SIM, said: “Oasis believes in the ability of eSIM technology to deliver the flexible connectivity and dynamic security needed to meet the demands of our digitally-minded society. However, we also see that the current GSMA standards do not provide a complete answer with regard to the scalability of this technology standard. Therefore, we want to take part in further developing the standards that will contribute to the future market success of eSIM for connected devices. Being a part of the TCA means that together with other leading providers, we have the opportunity to drive interoperability and scalability of  eSIM technologies”. 

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