Oasis eSim has selected NedCard

February 19, 2019


While the M2M market is booming, its diversity creates an issue for many players: a wide variety of demands means vendors have to adapt to each specific situation while ensuring they keep up with the required level of quality, supply reliability and flexibility. Moreover, end-to-end integration and security management are vital to ensure the delivery of eSIMs for M2M applications will fit with all customer technical requirements as well as their expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The selection of NedCard as its trusted supply chain partner allows Oasis Smart SIM to propose an enhanced fully integrated offer, able to adapt to the specificities and complexities of the embedded SIM market. According to the GSMA series of eSIM specifications, manufacturing is to be integrated into the same security perimeter as personalization and post-issuance subscription management to ensure the integrity of the whole chain. Selecting NedCard as its supply chain partner allows Oasis to comply with this requirement and to deliver a robust yet flexible solution allowing eSIM integrators to benefit from the reliability and flexibility they need to adapt to the M2M market.

NedCard brings its longstanding expertise in packaging, personalization and security to the manufacturing and personalization of eSIMs for the M2M market. In the eSIM manufacturing and personalization process, personalization is to be executed after packaging in order to take into account the specific parameters, including the bootstrap connectivity, for each issuer or systems integrator.

Oasis Smart SIM, which has been for years an expert in SIMs, regardless whether they are removable or embedded, is responsible for the Operating System of the eSIM and provides its solution for subscription management. Oasis’ subscription management solution includes the secure provisioning of an initial operator subscription as well as other subscription profiles to be changed over-the-air from one operator to another during the life of the SIM.

This optimized supply chain solution is on the path to be certified by the GSMA under their Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS), following the GSMA SAS-UP (SAS for UICC Production) accreditation process. The GSMA SAS-UP standard includes detailed provisions for the bootstrap connectivity parameters that need to be personalized in each SIM, in order to adapt to customer application-specific demands.

Jack Gijrath, NedCard Executive Chairman, declares: “We are proud to have been chosen by Oasis for the manufacturing and personalization of eSIM M2M modules because of their accumulated experience in OS development, combined with the fact they have set conformity to standards and certification as their priority while remaining flexible in their product development and adaptable to customer needs.”

Olivier Leroux, Oasis CEO, adds: “We are happy to set up a partnership with NedCard for the eSIM M2M market as we have been experiencing for years their high level of professionalism and security. As a highly recognized independent European expert in packaging, manufacturing and personalization, NedCard is in the best position to make the eSIM M2M market benefit from its expertise.”

This partnership will be introduced during the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, on February 25-28, 2019, on Oasis Smart SIM booth, Hall 5, Block FrenchTech 5B61, Stand 47.

About NedCard

NedCard develops semiconductor package solutions and offers related assembly, test and (pre) perso services for various devices used in smart card, RFID, IoT and other enabling technologies (e.g. security access cards, credit cards, SIM cards, biometrics, inventory management). NedCard is specialized in tailored package solutions. As a proven supplier of smart card solutions NedCard is expanding its portfolio into RFID technology and eSIM M2M personalization services to meet the needs of the future.

NedCard has its main office in Wijchen, the Netherlands. With three sales offices seated in Wijchen, Shanghai and Singapore NedCard operates across the globe. The two production locations NedCard B.V., Wijchen, the Netherlands and NedCard (Shanghai) Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China are ISO9001, ISO14001 and Common Criteria EAL6 security certified. For more information, visit http://www.nedcard.com

About Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM Europe provides cutting edge products, software and customised services for eSIM. Oasis’ field-proven eUICC Operating System “HeliOS” is ready to be embedded in all connected devices. Our Subscription Management suite of evolutive solutions, called “EOS”, provides a friendly API-based abstraction layer for easy deployment and remote provisioning of eSIM. Oasis’ value proposition includes a full set of embedded and reprogrammable SIM, along with solutions for activation, connectivity and subscription management. Oasis, a GSMA member, contributes to shape the connected world through leading edge USIM technology, a large portfolio of products and services and disruptive business models.

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