Highly innovate Flyer in Kaleido Connectivity Hub

September 13, 2022

Kaleido has published in September 2022 its findings from its annual Connectivity Vendor Hub: eSIM and CMP report.

Kaleido's new study is the culmination of over 400 hours of primary research, assessing over 160 product criteria across eSIM Connectivity, eSIM Subscription Management and Connectivity Management Platform offerings. Oasis Smart SIM has shown considerable innovation on the market via its CRP and Cloud SIM offerings, which offer considerable scope for reducing complexity and challenges associated with Service Provider interoperability on the market. In addition to this, the company offers a wealth of expertise in Java Card Applet development, while the RSP solution benefits from a highly attractive pricing model. 


Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM has been ranked as a HIGH FLYER in the CONNECTIVITY VENDOR HUB.

Oasis has emerged as a highly innovative player in the eSIM subscription management space, and has been able to report complete operator onboarding in as little as 12 weeks. Over the past year, the company has increased the number of its onboarded RSP customers by 300%.

Since the last edition of this report, the company has completed the development of its end-to-end digital consumer onboarding solution, which comprises of RSP infrastructure, a hub platform for simple, modular integration with MNOs’ OSS/BSS, an eKYC solution as well as its flagship CRP platform to offer a single integration point for multi-vendor interoperability.

eSIM subscription management solutions are supplemented by an extremely broad range of SIM applets covering services such as diagnostics, multi-IMSI, on-SIM profile management, IoT SAFE, IMEI tracking as well as AWS identify and authentication enablement. Its applet development team is additionally well-positioned to receive outsourcing requests from customers to develop custom Java Card applets.

Customer market entry is encouraged through a business model that eschews Capex and maintenance costs while applying a minimum installation fee. Under its SaaS model, customers are only charged if an eSIM profile is being used, serving to reduce ongoing costs further. Furthermore, smaller customers can benefit from a low entry fee cost coupled to an affordable annual package deal. 

Recently, the company has developed several innovations that offer differentiation in the context of accelerating eSIM traction on the market. The first of these is its Cloud SIM, dubbed CeSIM, which conforms to GSMA eUICC operational specifications. Leveraging a secure GSMA-certified application server, a virtual SIM wire hosted in the application server, CeSIM can be installed via a lightweight Java application at any stage of product development. The solution is aimed at provision of on-demand, temporary connectivity for use cases such as in-field software updates or factory use cases where testing requires data connectivity for systems validation, albeit on a temporary basis. 

Additionally, Oasis has put considerable effort into solving issues encountered by some customers with interoperability between RSP providers, by offering an abstraction layer for simplified integration with different players’ platforms across the market. Interoperability issues have been repeatedly cited to Kaleido by IoT connectivity service providers for this research as one of the key sticking points for slowing eSIM traction on the market. CRP also offers business automation logic, profile lifecycle management tools, as well as autonomous network switching and connectivity orchestration. 

Lastly, the company has prepared for the imminent release of the GSMA’s SGP.32 IoT eUICC specification, and has developed a pre-standard solution that is able to be evaluated by potential customers.

About Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM is a French and Singapore-based company providing a range of edge-to-cloud software solutions & managed services for connectivity enablement on 4G and 5G networks, through eSIM, iSIM, Cloud SIM and SIM solutions. By focusing on the next generation of connectivity technology such as eSIM, and challenging traditional vendors in their approach and operations, Oasis Smart SIM aims to enable the full value of connectivity by facilitating eSIM connectivity at scale. Oasis Smart SIM released the Word’s First SIM-Free Cloud SIM, in collaboration with Micron Technology and Tata Communications in 2020. 

Since January 2021, Tata Communications, is the majority shareholder of Oasis Smart SIM. They cooperate in an effort to offer full-spectrum Consumer & IoT connectivity platforms and achieve the service levels required by Tier 1 and lower Tier service providers with a flexible eSIM platform that is optimised to achieve low total cost of ownership.

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