Oasis Smart Sim extends its certification for SAS-SM

September 11, 2020


Oasis Smart Sim is proud to announce its extension of the SAS-SM accreditation with the SM-DP+ certification under the GSMA standards (Global System for Mobile Communications Association).

Oasis Smart Sim’s data center in La Courneuve, France is now SAS-SM certified (or SAS-SM “wet”), and fully certified and operational to provide eSIM Subscription Management solutions for Consumer Devices with the highest level of operational security, functionality and interoperability in compliance with the GSMA SGP.23.

In Europe, Oasis Smart Sim becomes the first SME and eSIM pure-player to extend and fully obtain this certification for the Consumer eSIM Remote Provisioning (RSP) server also known as the SM-DP+ (Subscription Management DP+) compliant with the GSMA SGP .23, positioning itself as a key player for developing and providing eSIM connectivity solutions for Consumer Devices all over the world, in line with the consumer market growing offer of eSIM-compliant devices.

Oasis Smart Sim’s SM-DP+ certification complements the other certifications of the La Courneuve’s data center that address both:

  • The consumer market with EOS2 SM-DP (Subscription Management Data Preparation) and SM-SR (Subscription Management Secure Routing), giving the possibility to consumers to manage their connectivity plans directly in their devices, in compliance with GSMA phase 2 specification (SGP.22)
  • The M2M market with GSMA SGP11, related to Subscription Management and eSIM product Compliance with standard SGP 05 (security in Design) as well as the SAS-SM, enabling OEMs and Mobile Operators to deploy and connect eSIM solutions in the IoT sector. 

Olivier Leroux, CEO & President of Oasis Smart Sim, said:

“This extension of certification is a recognition of the amazing work done by Oasis Smart Sim team in the last months. Oasis Smart Sim is not a broker or a service provider, we design, develop and certify solutions that are at the forefront of the industry requirements in term of functionality and security. This certification allow Oasis Smart Sim to offer services that will facilitate the adoption of eSIM”

About Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM provides cutting edge technologies and customized services to enable the deployment of eSIM. Our mission is to provide Mobile Operators, Virtual Mobile Operators, Service Providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers the possibility to seamlessly activate and connect globally their connected devices in a secure, functional and interoperable way on 4G and 5G networks with our Subscription Management Suite of innovative solutions called “EOS”, and embed our field-proven 5G-compliant eUICC Operating System “HELIOS” in all connected devices. Our value proposition includes a full set of services for eSIMs (embedded and reprogrammable SIM), along with solutions for activation, connectivity, and subscription management. On the leading edge of secure embedded software, Oasis is a GSMA member since 2011.

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Oasis Smart Sim – iXBlue Campus, 34 rue de la Croix de Fer


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