Majority stake for Tata Communications in Oasis Smart Sim

December 23, 2020

With this investment, eSIM technology will be fully integrated into Tata Communications MOVETM, enabling an end-to-end embedded connectivity solution and strengthening Tata Communications MOVE™ as a single source platform for global enterprise mobility needs. Tata Communications will drive and accelerate product roadmap R&D with Oasis, leveraging and amplifying the growth in the mobility and IoT markets.

‘Enterprises are increasingly relying on mobile devices to operate and access data in the cloud. This coupled with the rise in the number of M2M connections globally show that there is immense opportunity in the eSIM market,’ said Tri Pham, Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Communications. ‘Oasis has the right mix of technology expertise, agility as well as exceptional talent. Through this investment, we will focus on the software layer of the Tata Communications MOVE™ portfolio and drive further innovation in eSIM technology through product roadmap R&D. With Tata Communications MOVE™, enterprise customers have access to a secure, complete end-to-end mobility platform. They gain independence, flexibility and greater control of their mobility requirements, as they look to leverage IoT and M2M solutions to transform their business.’

‘At Oasis, we’re very excited about growing our business with Tata Communications globally. In Tata Communications, we see the vision, capability and ambition to drive transformation and innovation in the mobility and IoT markets’, said Olivier Leroux, CEO, Oasis. ‘We are looking forward to leveraging our joint capabilities to develop and co-create products and solutions to enable end-to-end embedded connectivity and to transform businesses through the latest mobile technologies.’

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We’ll be delighted to share more news on this new step of our evolution in the first weeks of January, 2021.

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