Operating System products

To guarantee security, reliability and performance to its customers, OASIS Smart SIM has developed since 2012 its own operating system named Helios.

  • Can be installed on a physical card, on an embedded module or directly in a protected area of the product.
  • Modular & implementable on heterogeneous Hardware and Software environments
  • Field-proven 4G and 5G GSMA-compliant products

Global Platform / GSMA certified Operating System designed to support the GSMA SGP11-23 specifications for M2Mand Consumer devices 

The world’s first Cloud eSIM, a technology already endorsed by Micron, Inc. and Tata Communications 

Operating System fully compatible with international and industry standards such ISO, 3GPP and ETSI

Remote SIM Provisioning

A field-proven Subscription Management Suite developed in-house by Oasis Smart Sim’s team

  • Deployed in a state-of-the-art secure Data Center in the Paris region
  • Accredited with GSMA SAS-SM certification for SM-DP/SM-SR (M2M) and DP+ (Consumer) Services
  • Widely deployed into the IoT Space with first-class customers

Accredited with GSMA SAS-SM certification for SM-DP/SM-SR (M2M) Services

Accredited with GSMA SAS-SM certification for for DP+ Services

A GSMA-SAS accredited service enabling our partners to develop and deliver personalized eSIM and iSIM products.


Oasis has strong applets development expertise and can offer a range of applets “off-the-shelf”, as well as customized solution for partners. Benefit from years of Oasis R&D experience as well as the best testing environment and tool in this domain.

  • A catalog of SIM applets developped in-house
  • Possibility for partners to outsource the development and maintenance of their smart card application to Oasis
  • A field-proven R&D know-how in applet development and implementation

Oasis provides the following applets:

✓ Diagnostic Applet

✓IMEI Tracking

✓Device Interoperability

Oasis Multi-IMSI applet manages one or more IMSIs provisioned in the card. Oasis can also create customer specific multi-IMSI application.

IoT SAFE (SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication) provides a common mechanism to secure IoT data communications using the SIM, rather than using potentially less trusted hardware secure elements implemented elsewhere within the device.

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