The World’s first Cloud-based eSIM for IoT

Cloud eSIM for IoT

✓ The most securized mobile network authentication service with an ultra-secure onboarding and zero sensitive data on the connected object

✓ Enables a drastic reduction of IoT solution providers’ costs, with late provisioning of bootstrap or permanent connectivity

✓ No space nor battery life needed to support a SIM or an eSIM while being GSMA compliant.

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Velios address various challenges
holding back IoT growth so far

Velios is the perfect solution to provide a zero-touch Bootstrap Connectivity when the eSIM is ready to be used

Velios addresses the need to have an available connection at any stage of manufacturing for device testing or software update

Velios contributes to the faster deployment of the IoT ecosystem by offering a secure technology with zero sensitive data exchange or storage on the connected object

Velios unveils new business models
and unique approaches of eSIM technology

Activate and disactivate connectivity in one-click and pay-as-you-go

Use Cases

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Data recollection
  • Combination of WiFi & Cellular Network
  • List item

Upcycled connectivity through mutualizing connections between fleets of assets

Use Cases

  • Fleet management
  • Logistics

Already supported by Micron, Inc. and Tata Communications

Watch the demo done during the Iot Security Conference
by Micron, Inc. and Tata Communications

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