How a Zero Touch Solution Can Help Telecommunication Companies Overcome Customer Journey and Experience Setbacks 

As customer usage has increased and evolved over the past few years, telecommunications companies have now highlighted that customer satisfaction is the most important element to consider when executing a successful business model. With the ease of information now available to them, it has never been easier for a customer to switch network providers to ensure they are getting the best deal for themselves. It has therefore become critical for companies to keep their customers happy and keep them engaged.


For Service Providers, the importance of  ensuring a satisfying customer experience cannot be understated.

With an estimated 70% of buying experiences being based on how the customer feels they are being treated, the annual total estimated cost of customers switching due to poor service is $1.6 billion in the US alone. According to Forrester, winning a new customer is at least five times costlier than retaining one. Whereas engaged customers are five times as likely to repurchase, five times as likely to forgive, seven times as likely to try a new offering, and four times as likely to refer.


There are however several challenges that have to be overcome for operators to successfully deliver a satisfying and engaging customer experience.


Personalized Engagement

Today’s consumers are seeking offers that are formulated to their habits and needs. With the wealth of options available to them, it has never been easier to switch suppliers to align with an offering more suited to them. For example, if they spend a lot of their data on streaming, they can find a network that priorities this feature for a minimal cost. It therefore falls on the provider to successfully engage with the customer’s usage data and provide a contract to match.



Embracing Digital Communications

With the ease of connecting and communicating with customers at an all-time high, it has never been easier for networks to reach customers. However, this has not been the case with the telecom industry.

Zero Touch Solutions

A recent Decibel Insight survey of U.S. and U.K. consumers revealed that the telecom industry ranked last out of nine industries regarding customer satisfaction with digital experience.

There is a clear need for the telecom industry to embrace new paths to engage and retain customers. eSIM is a revolutionary tool since it provides a fully dematerialized experience to telcos’ customers, removing the need to go to the store or wait for shipping to get your SIM card. But eSIM must only be one step of the full digitization of the journey. Through websites and applications, customers can now communicate with their providers and control their contracts directly. The journey can start, through to the use of a website or applications, from the initial sign up through to billing, contacts, offers, roaming settings and customer enquiries. This hands-on ability for the customer allows them a greater degree of control and accountability for the money they spend with the provider, alleviating any “bill shock” and subsequent negative feedback at the end of every month!


Regulatory Compliance

The landscape of telecommunications is one that is heavily regulated. With many of the regulations differing between countries and being constantly updated, it is difficult for telecoms companies to stay ahead of upcoming changes. Although many of these changes safeguard the customers, such as mandating shorter contract lengths, the implementation of them can negatively affect the customer’s overall experience. Many departments within the company need to take a coordinated approach to deliver any messages that can, or must, go out to specific customers.


Customer Tracking Throughout Company

Due to the number of services, offers and messaging available to just one customer, there can be a logistical issue of tracking customer communications between different departments. A customer might be, in a short space of time, contacted on multiple occasions with different services and offers. Although well-meaning this can inadvertently lead to an over-engaged and dissatisfied customer, who will now more than likely find another provider.

Even when telecom companies highlight areas problematic to their customer journey, there are many challenges to meet when implementing changes.


Outdated Systems and Infrastructure

Within the telecommunications industry, much of the budget for internal customer experience systems goes on updating legacy systems instead of embracing and investing in new technology and systems. The old systems are also often linked together or to other external businesses which can make upgrading or connecting them to newer systems a difficult and costly service.


Rethinking Customer Journey

Whilst recognizing that your customer journey is having a negative effect on their satisfaction, it can be difficult to redesign your systems with potential customers in mind. Successful telecom companies have in the past developed a strong in-house or outsourced team of customer experience specialists. These delegates can now become user advocates that implement customer experience changes across all levels of your business.


Zero Touch SolutionsThese changes however also need to consider new technologies, such as eSIMs, when suggesting changes to existing systems. This can prove difficult when trying to balance offering your customers the latest technology but not disturbing their experience.  Re-tooling your systems to a user experience design approach can eliminate a “bad experience” and a potential switching of brands by transforming it into a delightful one. For telecommunications companies, creating an outstanding experience means mapping out their user journey and identifying emotional reactions at every touchpoint within their digital solution. This way companies can find where they need to reduce the friction that causes switching and transform pain points into “wow points.”



This approach is exactly what has been implemented by Oasis Smart Sim, partnering with Mobilise, with our eSIM-as-a-service digital platform.

This single platform embraces a digital-first user experience for Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, whilst making it easy to plug into existing customer experience systems. Discover more here


The platform combines eSIM-enabling technologies for telcos (DP+) with a range of tools to enrich the customer experiences. This includes the ability to onboard customers within 2 minutes with their in-app eSIM activation which removes any friction of QR code download or out of app profile enablement, creating a smoother onboarding experience. The platform also delivers meaningful engagements with an individual by delivering them personalised and relevant offers which, through the use of AI are targeted at the right moment to convert more users. It also has a heightened degree of transparency which empowers consumers to take control of their plans, finances and self-care options.

Zero Touch Solutions

By focusing on the future development and future innovation, this platform enables telco companies to offer a radically different approach for their digitally-savvy audience, empower them through simpler set-point and win the battle over customer experience.


Request more information or book a personalised demo of the Oasis eSIM-as-a-service digital platform here.





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